How to Measure Your Garden Using Google Maps?

how to measure your garden using google maps

For gardeners who don’t have a simple rectangular landscape, measuring out your garden can prove to be quite tricky. However, knowing the dimensions of your landscape is integral to the beginnings of creating the perfect garden. Sure, there are paid software programs and property surveyors that can do the job for you, but these services cost money that most gardeners simply do not have.

Luckily, in this day and age, you can measure your garden’s dimensions using one of the most famous websites on the internet: Google. With helpful, free tools from Google, you can save money by measuring your garden’s dimensions. Let’s read on for in-depth instructions on how to measure your garden using Google maps.

Using Google Maps to Measure Distance & Area

Google Maps has always been a helpful utility for travelers to get free, convenient directions to wherever they need to go. But few users realize that there is another utility Google Maps has to offer: measuring distance and area. Following these easy steps will give you a near-accurate measurement of your landscape’s distance and location.


Let’s check out this example- we’re going to determine the distance and area for Central Park in New York City.

First, we will select the distance and size of Central Park in New York City. Next, use the search bar in the top left corner to search for the location of the property you want to measure. You can use your home address for this, but we’ll be focusing on Central Park in New York for the tutorial’s sake.


Aim your mouse to one of the corners and right-click. A drop-down menu should appear with multiple options. Please select the last option that says “Measure Distance.” This will be your first point. Please note in the image below where the arrow is located at the top left corner of Central Park.


Once you select “Measure Distance,” a white dot with a black outline should appear. This is your starting point for measuring the park. Please take note of the location of the point, as shown in the red circle.


Next, click each of the four corners of the rectangular-shaped park. The park will be outlined with a solid black line, as shown in the image below. Please take note of the area circled in red this will have details of your landscape measurements.


In this window, the square footage of the area selected and the perimeter of the site will be visible. Depending on how large or how small your landscape is, it will give you measurements in terms of miles or feet (as you can see, Central Park is a large landscape; therefore, Google has conveniently simplified the size into miles). In addition, Google also provides a measurement in kilometers and meters for those using the metric system.


Can I Use Google Maps for Irregular Shaped Landscapes?

Yes, absolutely! Utilizing Google Maps to measure the area and perimeter of your irregular-shaped landscape is a possibility as well! Google Maps’ handy measuring tool is not just for basic rectangle shapes; it can measure any polygon that you draw. Check out these examples:


Conveniently, you can add as many points as you need to reach the appropriate shape of the landscape you’re measuring. This is just one of the many reasons I advocate using Google Maps to measure your garden.


Help! I Accidentally Clicked the Wrong Point. How Do I Fix It?

Mistakes happen, especially when you’re using new software. Luckily, Google Maps makes measuring easy by allowing users to fix misplaced points quickly. For example, if you accidentally click on the wrong end, you can follow these two steps:

  1. Hold your mouse down on the misplaced point; you’ll be able to drag the end to the correct area. Once you’re happy with the results, you can let go of the mouse. Viola – crisis averted.
  2. If you’d instead delete the accidental point altogether, simply click once on the misplaced end. The point will immediately be deleted, and you’ll be back to the previous measuring point you put down.

Do You Have Any Video Tutorials to Better Understand Google Maps?

Absolutely! I really enjoyed tutorial you can find below; it is a little long, but I appreciated the thoroughness of the video. The creator works as a power washer and uses Google Maps to determine the area his clients want power washed. 

What I love most about this because Google Maps is an entirely free service to use! So, even if you are a commercial landscaper, you can use Google Maps to get an estimate of how much land you’ll be working with. By using Google Maps to measure landscapes, you’ll be saving money that would otherwise have gone to a paid software that does the same thing! These days, we’re all trying to save a buck anywhere we can, whether you’re a casual hobby gardener or a business owner. That money you save by using Google Maps can be used on more worthwhile expenses, such as seed, mulch, soil, and more!

Which Devices Can I Use Google Maps On?

Both Google Maps and their distance measuring feature are available across all platforms. You can use Google Maps on a PC, Android, and all Apple products. In addition, Google Maps is accessible on all web browsing software, so don’t worry about feeling excluded if you are not a chrome user. Anyone and I mean anyone, can go onto Google Maps for free.

Why Do I Need to Know My Landscape’s Dimensions?

It makes measuring and planning out your garden much more accessible, for starters. I am personally a stickler for a lovely, organized garden. Knowing the perimeter of my garden helped me evenly measure out plots to build my raised beds. I take pride in having an organized garden, and it wouldn’t be that way without using Google Maps to check my landscape dimensions.

Not only that but many landscaping materials are measured out in square footage. For example, last summer, I had to replace all of the grass in my backyard and order sod grass. To accurately determine the amount of grass I would need to order from the retailer, I had to measure out the square footage of the entirety of my backyard. Thank goodness I had Google Maps on my side to make measuring easy from the comfort of my house- no more measuring outside in the sun for me! After just a few minutes using Google Maps, I was able to determine the area of my backyard and how much grass I needed to order. I got the perfect amount on the first try; I didn’t have the stress of having to keep reordering or accidentally ordering too much.

Are you thinking about building a fence and want to estimate how much the materials will cost you? Say no more because Google Maps will be on your side with their handy perimeter tool. All the more reason that using Google Maps is a user-friendly and wallet-friendly tool that you can have on your computer, phone, and tablet. Not only are you saving money by not using a paid software or professional surveyor, but you save money by knowing exactly how much material you need, whether it’s fencing, soil, grass, or seed, Google Maps has you covered.

In Conclusion

Figuring out how to manually measure a garden or landscape is no simple task; it could cost you precious time, money, and energy trying to navigate getting large measurements. Paid software and professional landscape surveyors exist, but many gardeners simply do not have the funds to use these services. So, what to do?

Thankfully, with the help of Google, you can use their maps service to determine the distance and area of virtually anywhere in the world, including your own home. I am incredibly grateful I discovered Google Maps’ measurement feature. It’s been a lifesaver in some difficult times as a hobby gardener during my life. By knowing the dimensions of your garden, you can accurately plan garden plots, determine how much soil you need, and even determine how much fencing you need. Google Maps transcends both commercial and hobby landscaping, making it a helpful tool whether you’re gardening for business or pleasure.

The user-friendly interface is the best part about using Google Maps (aside from the free price tag). With these straightforward instructions and visuals, I hope you give Google Maps a chance as well !

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