Why Does My Cucumber Plant Only Have Female Flowers?


There’s nothing more delicious than a crunchy cucumber fresh from the vine. But there’s nothing more disheartening than when your vines don’t produce any cucumbers. So let’s take a look at why some cucumber plants only have female flowers and how to fix the issue.


How Tall Should Corn Be When It Tassels?


Growing corn in your garden is a fun, unique addition to any summer garden, and the best part is it’s never been easier. Find out more information on how tall corn should be when tassels and other helpful tips on growing the tastiest corn all season long!


10 Best San Diego Tree Choices for your Backyard


If you live in San Diego and looking for options to grow trees that can extend healthy in the climate, we have a list of trees that you can plant and work on. Most of these trees need low maintenance and do not require a lot of water.